Brow Set

Maria Estelle’s brow set contains all of our favorite brow products: Eyebrow Shadow, Dark Brown Pencil with Spoolie, Duo Brow Highlighter and Clear Brow Gel.
Brow Set $69.50

Dark Brown Pencil with Spoolie

Smooth and easy application, perfect for the beginner and advanced brow vixen. This pencil can be used on all complexions. The darker you press the darker the color, for lighter hair use a lighter touch. Once color is placed brush it through the brow hair with spoolie for that extra natural look.
Dark Brown Pencil with Spoolie $18

Duo Brow Highlighter

Create light under the arch of the brow line with a smooth matte finish or add a little shimmer. Opens the eye and perfects the brow shape. Shimmer side can also be used as a highlighter on cheek area or a dab in the tear duct. A must have for perfect brows!
Duo Brow Highlighter $16.50

Clear Brow Gel

The last step in completing perfect brows. This gel will hold even the most unruly brow hair as well as holding your brow color. Brush up and your brows are complete!
Clear Brow Gel $16.50

Dual Ended Brow Brush

Great for applying shadow to the brow and brushing through for a more natural look!
Dual Ended Brow Brush $15