Microbladings are booked in-house.
A consultation must be booked prior to your actual micro appointment.

Microblading $600 ~  A semi permanent service for eyebrows that lasts up to a year to a year and a half depending on care and skin type. Pigment is placed into the top layer of the skin with a manual handheld tool. Hair like strokes are created and blended with the hair you have. This is not a tattoo and will not stay dark like a tattoo. The outcome once your brows heal are natural fuller looking brows.

Ombré Microshading $750 ~  Powdery shade to the brows where they are darker on the ends and gradually gets lighter to the front of the eyebrow. Mimics the look of a powdered or tinted brow.  This service has no strokes and lasts 2-3 years varies on skin type and care.

Microblade with Microshade $800 ~ Microblading Strokes in the front of the brow that blend into a powdery shadow finish towards middle of brows the to the end of the brow.
Lasts 2-3 years varies on skin type and care.

All services include 2 visits to complete the look. Sometimes a third service is required at an extra cost.


Two sessions are included in the actual treatment and they are booked 4-6 weeks apart. Due to limited time availability a non refundable deposit  of $100 is required to reserve your time.

Microblading Cancelation Policy
Two week cancellation policy in effect on micro due to limited time availability.
Less then 2 weeks will FORFEIT deposit and require half down of service to rebook.